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Places to do community service???HELP!!!?

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❶Feeding animals, cleaning cages, providing basic veterinary care, walking dogs, and interviewing potential owners.

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The 9 Best Places to Do Community Service Below is a list of the most common places to perform community service. Each place has a brief description, examples of work you might perform as a volunteer and suggestions for the types of people who might be most interested in performing community service there.

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Receive local teen volunteer opportunities. Students track community service hours, create digital portfolio, earn awards and scholarships. Conveniently track all of your volunteer hours in one place--whether you find service opportunities via Lion’s Heart or on your own; STEP 3: ACHIEVE.

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Seek community service opportunities that support education and literacy in the community. Speak to volunteer coordinators at public schools about obtaining clearance to regularly volunteer in a classroom or mentor a high-risk student. Many schools have structured after-school programs run by volunteers that feature both fun activities and . Unfortunately, there are no keyword options available, so it may be a little more difficult to match your court ordered community service requirements with a specific organization or cause. You can enter the field .

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VolunteerMatch recruiting solutions for nonprofits Get connected to qualified volunteers when and where you need them. With more volunteers and more volunteer opportunities than any other service, VolunteerMatch is how . Do you need to complete Community Service & Volunteer hours that require % anonymity? Call the number below now. Are you a physician, dentist, lawyer or other busy professional who has been court-ordered to complete a certain amount of hours of community service? The Diversified Intervention Group has strict policies in regards .